Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So I'm on my phone again and actually it does some autocorrect which is nice but I need more help the that. Anyways back to what this post is even about is we found out what we are having and coildnt be more excited.. Grant literally was shaking with excitement and I had a few tears because it was crazy. I guess when you find out what it is and see the baby with the arms legs fingers and toes it become more real then anything else ever has. I'm going to be a mom and grant a dad and we are going to have a BOY! We do have a name but for the most part it's secret but I have told some. So when I was sitting or laying on that dreaded table where they put this nice gel and towel on your belly My mind was racing.. I honestly didn't care what it was and really I wasn't looking at that. I was looking at its little perfect body and perfect hands and feet. Everything was on place and things were functioning perfectly. I know I have already used the word perfect to many times but honestly it was a moment the was absolutely perfect! I can't wait to be a mom and I can't wait for grant to be a dad. He is going to be a great dad and I know I will love him more and more each day as he holds our little guy. It just has been an amazing experience and I realize that our life is t perfect, we have to work like crazy to get by but we are so blessed and I am greatful. So now as I prepare to bring a little boy into our lives I feel like this little boy has brought me closer to Grant and also closer to Heavenly Father. I just can't express what I feel but I k ow that all the moms out there have felt the same thing! Anyways enough about the mushy stuff and sorry to bore whoever is reading but yes I had exciting news and also lots of feelings so what better way to share then to blog?! Also here are some belly pics from today .. Can't believe I am letting people see!! Enjoy! And yay for our baby BOY!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just some info on life

Well last night was the first time I blogged on my phone.. hence so many errors! I still thought it was pretty good and I accomplished what I needed to, which was to get me into blogging. I figure I am having a baby and why not blog about the second most life changing experience EVER!! The first was marriage and can I just say the I love being married.. and to be honest I used to couldn't say that. I/we just forgot to date and to remember each other. So at one point we felt like we were roommates and not even lovers. Isn't that crazy? Anyways I have decided that this phase that we went through probably happens to most and it is something that I/we need to continually work on. Now after a couple months of figuring out each other again we are finally very very happy. It couldn't have come at a better time because remember I am pregnant! We honestly couldn't be more excited and nervous. Grant wants a boy and I want a HEALTHY baby.
I also just witnessed my sister having her baby.. yes the whole thing and it scared me to death.. Holy crap I can't believe that my body will do what hers did. It is amazing. Anyways for the progress on this prego body of mine that just keeps growing is, I'm 20 weeks, I have gained 13 pounds, and my boobs are triple the size they usually are. Now that I would actually look good in bras and victorias secret stuff (boob wise) I have a belly that sticks out. Dang.. oh well. My mirror only shows the top half of my body so I just think I look good!

Enough about me, Grant is kicking butt in life. He has two jobs plus started a carpet cleaning company, and is full time in school. How does he do it? No idea. He just gets up and goes until late at night and sleeps like a baby because he is so tired. Oh do I love him! He is really amazing and I couldn't be more lucky to be "dating"/married to this guy. I get butterflies again when he is coming home and guys he is so HOT! I mean seriously he is just perfect for me. pictures will come soon, I need to figure this stuff out once again!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

So its almost been a year.. Boy do I suck! As I write this my husband has emptied the dishwasher and now is doing to laundry.. Double suck. But what a nice guy! Anyways the reason why I'm in bed and he is doing the laundry is because I have a prego back and it hurts all the time! So I go right to my bed when I get home! Back to the part that I'm PREGO!! I'm so excited
, or I should say we are so excited! I'm five months today and for those that don't know that means I am half way. It's been hard.. Really hard. Grant and I tried getting pregnant for nine months and finally the night before we left the the Bahamas I took a test! The line was very light but it was there and I finally was pregnant! So we headed out on a vacation where there is unlimited food and where I gained 4 pounds.. Not a good way to start off a pregnancy. Well paradise had to come to an end and we got home.. And I got sick, so sick! That lasted for about six weeks and I swore I would have no more kids. However now I might have a few more! So basically I am getting bigger and bigger and the baby is too. Tuesday we find out what this little bigger is and I will have to post it them!! Yay!! I

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life as we know it..

So new on my life goes as follows:
  • I am done working at the "Ranch" it was a long time coming and it feels great. I am now done giving all these meds to kids that are probably over medicated and because of that never learn how to deal with problems for real. 
  • Grant and I have hit the one year mark.. we didn't really celebrate yet, however, I don't think that one year is a huge deal. 
  • I moved my career to Cedar City at the Hair Boutique where I am six days a week from 9-5. 
  • I took the semester off of college to get my clientele here.
  • Grant is going full time and is going to get a 4.0 (hopefully!) 

Ok I am done with the bullet points and on to more interesting things. So on the second bullet point I said that Grant and I hit our one year... I also stated that I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I feel like this not because my life was a year of bliss and happiness because it wasn't but because I think in most cases with marriage you should at least try it out for a year or two.. I mean it is a commitment and in my case it is a huge commitment to God, myself and the hubby. So this year has been  eventful.. full of laughing, crying, some yelling, one swear word (from Grant), making tons of money, spending tons of money, being broke, getting a dog, and so much more. I think it has been life as we know it. I remember talking to one of my best friends one day (single friend) and she asked how was married life. I explained that I love being married and how I couldn't believe that I was so scared of it before I knew what it was like. I then said of course it is one of the hardest things I have done. I had to learn what bugged the husband, how he acted when he was mad (which is not talking or pretending he isn't mad) this makes it very hard to work it out!! I had to learn that I needed to be more patient, more loving, and I needed to make sure that Heavenly Father was in our lives. The husband ( I dont know if I want to refer to him as Grant or husband or hubby or mr. barlow so I will test them all out) is a great example to me of how to have the gospel in his life. He, as most who read this or will read this know that Mr. Barlow has gone through so much. He is originally from CC not cedar city but yes Colorado City. I won't get into much detail on this blog because I haven't asked him if I can make his story public or anything of that sort but soon I will post about it.. promise! Anyways you would be shocked, like I was to hear some of the amazing, terrifying, crazy things he has been through. I realize that a lot of people have been through a lot but I never have been so close to someone who has. What I am getting at is that the gospel saved his life and actually made my dreams come true. He was converted to the LDS church when he was 17 or 18 and then served a mission in Italy. Not even one year after his return we met. After two weeks of knowing him I knew and he knew that we would spend the rest of eternity with each other. Well the point of this blog was to one, get me excited about blogging because now that I don't work two full time jobs and go to school full time  I will have time to tell everyone about my life and mostly keep a journal. oh and ps my husband is a babe, here are some pics to prove it!!

 Oh and I almost forgot, my family had pictures taken without the spouses due to one being out of the country and my bro still isn't married!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A long time coming

So I was just going to write every month but then I decided that was kind of boring. So anyways I am not just going to write randoms. Grant and I have been busy little bees, in school and working! It is so different to be in school. We took the semester off when we got married and then had the summer. Wow it was great. Now it is torture! I have the crazy classes of organic chemistry and physics. Grant is working on his business degree and also working at the detention center and sports authority. We have been saved by my parents, and the food they always feed us! We live about 20 mins out of cedar so we never go there until we are done with everything. So we are at my parents about 80% of our free time! We are finally on our Thanksgiving break! It is about freaking time!!!! Here are some pictures of some of our recent and by recent I mean like within the last 5 to 6 months! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I honestly cant remember what happened this month.. sad. Grant and I both worked and continued to figure this married thing out. I think we maybe had our first argument this month.. who knows what it was about but  im sure it was my doing! It usually is. ok well that was easy and I am now upset with myself for not keeping up. I am sure something of significance happened this March but I dont know what. My dads birthday was in march and he is 57! What a great dad I have. He STILL works harder then anyone I know and has a great attitude. I honestly have never heard him once complain about working. Once when I was dating someone my parents didnt like... wont mention names! he said that his major concern is how hard of worker he was. He remembered when him and my mom had just gotten married and he didnt know how he could possible make ends meet. So at night he couldnt sleep because he was stressed and so instead he would go back to work. He worked day and night so that my mom would be taken care of. He is a great example to my whole family and we all love him so much! I am so lucky to have him for a dad! And did i mentoin his joke telling? well he cant tell a joke without laughing so hard he is crying before he gets through the first two sentences.. so basically we just laugh at him! Great guy I tell ya!

Now to the month of February!

Still no pics sorry.. still no internet either so I didnt have a way to put them up. Anyways the month of Feb. It was a great month. For valentines day Grant and I both worked so I postponed it for two days. I had cut out 100 hearts and wrote 100 things I loved about Grant and put them EVERYWHERE in our room. My family all joked and laughed about my idea and said I was doing it only because I am a newly wed. Hopefully not! I hope we always do fun things for eachother! It was fun to see him freak out about all the hearts and read each one. Anyways then I got him something else but I cant remember. haha! But he got me a large bag of my favorite treats.... AND....and IPhone! I was so excited and he totally beat me on the gift buying thing this year. My present was about triple what his was so I better step it up or he might have to step it down! We also enjoyed a nice mexican dinner that night and then went home and watched a redbox. (we love to do that!) Thats about all that happened on Valentines. It was our first month being married and I feel like it just flew by. It was so fun and I always was thinking how lucky I was. I loved waking up to Grant (still do) and just having someone I trust by my side always! Boy am I lucky. We made it to the temple twice in February and I was kinda scared out of my mind to go back because I was kinda in a daze my first time! We were so lucky because Grants best friend and his wife were there so she helped me with everything! I just love going. Grant and I have a goal to go every week if possible but at least twice a month. So we will see if we can meet that! We also started date night. I always have wednesday nights off and he has asked for that day to be his day off as well. So we take turns planning the date.. basically we go to a movie and dinner every wednesday nights! we love it so it works! I think that is all that happened in feb. just another month of pure bliss!